Pink 47 Pink London


A variation on the classic gin and sweet vermouth cocktail designed for Pink 47 offering a pink colour and smooth taste.

  • Glass: Martini

  • Prep time: 2 mins
  • Total time: 2 mins
  • Difficulty: 2/10
  • Yield: 1 cocktail
  • Alcohol Units: 3.3
  • Origin: Lubos Stevcik bar manager at
    The Feathers Hotel, Woodstock UK

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6cl.   Pink 47 gin
3cl.   Sweet red vermouth
2cl.   Lime juice
Crème de Cassis 4 dashes


Lime peel twist


Chill the glass first and use plenty of ice in the tin to chill the drink quickly and reduce dilution.
*Stirring is preferable to shaking, which shatters the ice and dilutes the drink.



1.  Chill a martini glass with ice and water

2.  Fill the tin half of a cocktail shaker with ice

3.  Add the gin and vermouth and stir*

4.  Empty the glass

5.  Shake out any remaining water

6.  Strain the cocktail into the glass

7.  Garnish with a lime peel twist

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Pink 47 is a highly distinctive London Dry Gin offered in a unique diamond shaped bottle.
It is made using a delicious recipe carefully crafted in small batches with a mix of ten different botanicals
The result is a gin of full and complex flavour. Four times distilled and at 47% alcohol by volume, it is perfect for cocktails: strong and smooth with a crisp and compelling finish.




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